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You may be surprised to find out how many people are inadvertently giving their power away to The Victim Addiction?

Have you ever been offended or taken something personally?

What about times when you were upset or had your feelings hurt because you weren’t acknowledged in the way you wanted to be?

Do you have circumstances in your life that are outside your ability to manage, control or change?

Have you ever felt like:

You were unappreciated, overlooked or unrecognized?

Life will never go your way?

You’ll never quite measure up?

You’ve made so mistakes you don’t deserve to be happy?

You were so discouraged, you wondered if you’ll ever have a happy life?

Or you felt so alone that you convinced yourself that no one really cares?

Did you know that any time you are hurt, offended, blaming, frustrated or angry with someone you are giving your personal power away to The Victim Addiction?

So how can you get out of these powerless feelings and experience a rich and satisfying life?

The solution is simple. It begins by believing you have the power to make things better.

Yet sometimes, even when we know we have made strides forward, we may not feel like things are better.

Understanding the difference between what we know and how we feel is an essential part of our happiness and growth. The Victim Addiction will help you access real power to break the chain of your automatic reactions and create lasting change. This change will instantly promote healthy relationships and put you on the path to living the life that you have always wanted to live!


The Victim Addiction has been written to assist those who struggle with ineffective emotional patterns. It will also be beneficial for those who are trying to help someone who suffers from or is blinded by those same types of patterns.
Although these patterns are unconscious, they have the power to disrupt relationships, sabotage happiness and hold us back from our ability to succeed. Our ultimate goal is to enjoy life to the fullest, sustain loving relationships, establish financial security, and have a career we appreciate.
Enjoying life also includes creating memories that will last a lifetime, I recently relived one such memory. I was traveling in my car and listening to the radio, when I heard “God Bless the USA,” by Lee Greenwood. I was surprised at the instant rush of emotion I felt as I pictured my son, scared as can be, singing this song in public for the first time. A smile crossed my face as I remembered how, after his performance, he burst into tears and was too embarrassed to go back on stage to receive a standing ovation.
With my heart tender, I continued to listen to the words of the song and was overwhelmed with gratitude as I thought of all the men who have died for our freedom. This feeling reminded me of an article I had read about the Navy SEALs. I had been impressed with their unwavering dedication to their country. These men not only stand for what is right, they have the honor and moral courage to put their lives on the line for every mission they undertake.
I had read how, in one SEALs operation, one of their helicopters crashed at a crucial stage. The team recovered quickly, immediately readjusted their plan and forged ahead to accomplish their goal.
The SEALs training is considered to be the toughest in the world. To accomplish their assignments, they must have the conscious ability to override their automatic fear response so they can pay attention to little details that, if ignored, could get them killed.
Because panic is not an option, cadets are trained by being placed in high-stress situations of panic, fear and doubt, and are required to face such situations over and over again until they become comfortable in uncomfortable situations.
One of the most challenging exercises they face is in the BUDS training where the final test is to override the body’s natural survival instinct and face the fear of drowning. In this test, the cadets enter the water with a trainer who consistently attacks their air supply. Even though they have practiced untangling their oxygen equipment thousands of times, there is almost nothing more frightening for the human mind than to face the fear of drowning.
There is an important aspect of the SEALs training that is truly amazing. The Navy noticed that the minute the cadets learn to override the natural survival instincts of panic, fear and doubt, their confidence went up because they no longer had the same fear response controlling them.
Every one of us can benefit from the innovative tactics the Navy has used to assist cadets in advancing through the SEALs training.
Just as the SEALs train to become the best in their field, The Victim Addiction is dedicated to providing you with the understanding and support you need to overcome your own automatic fear responses.
As you consciously face your emotional fears, you will begin to feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations. The byproduct of gaining control over your emotional reactions is that your confidence will go up. You will feel more secure because you no longer have the same automatic responses controlling you.
As you come to understand The Victim Addiction and the unconscious power it has had over your life, you can free yourself from the emotional patterns that bind you and, instead, access tools to successfully triumph in every area of your life.

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